Domain Setup for Parking at

We specialize in creating high-conversion parking pages for your domain. To host these pages, we need to redirect your domain to our servers.


Nameservers function as the internet's 'phonebook'. They translate your domain name into an IP address where your website or service is hosted. To utilize our landing pages, the most common method is to use our nameservers:

  • -
  • -

Before you transfer, you have the option to change the interval at which records are cached, also known as "TTL". Setting it to a value around 1 hour (3600 seconds) is not mandatory but may expedite the process.


DNSSEC is a relatively new security layer for DNS. The original DNS setup is simple and fast, but susceptible to hackers and spoofers. Even with a secured webserver, criminals could potentially redirect your audience to a different location by taking control over DNS. Given the numerous maintainers and networks of the worldwide DNS service, security flaws are inevitable. DNSSEC addresses these issues by digitally signing DNS records with a private key that can be verified, similar to how SSL operates. This also prevents the unauthorized transfer of domains, like to a parking service like ours! Therefore, please locate your DNSSEC configuration before you move your domain and disable it. For parking pages like ours, DNSSEC is not necessary as a security layer.

To determine if your domain has DNSSEC enabled, use this tool:


Our landing pages are secured with digital SSL certificates from LetsEncrypt. Once the nameserver change is confirmed, SSL certificates are requested within 3 hours. Due to the caching nature of DNS, there may be a delay before the resolvers of LetsEncrypt confirm the authenticity.


In summary, the timing should be as follows:

  • Maximum of 48 hours after the NS change for the IP address to be changed.
  • Maximum of 48 hours after the IP address is resolving for the SSL certificate to be operational.

These are the longest possible waiting times. Typically, the process should be faster.

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