About Tappaya

Why Tappaya.com

Approximately 400 million domain names have been registered globally. A significant proportion of these domains are actively linked to websites, including landing pages, though the number of domains associated with fully operational websites is somewhat lower. This indicates that a substantial number of domain registrations worldwide are not currently in active use. The trend reflects a high level of engagement in domain registrations, showcasing the importance of digital presence in today's interconnected world.

Millions of domain names that are (potentially) for sale: a huge market. But the tens of thousands of holders of these domains can choose from only a few professional marketplaces/brokers dedicated to domain names. Moreover, these parties charge a 15%-25% success fee without actively mediating.

We are changing that! Tappaya's basic model is free. This means that when you sell a domain name through our platform and handle the deal yourself, you don't have to pay us anything. Learn more about how it works.

Free basic model with optional premium services

On top of the basic functionality of Tappaya.com, we offer optional premium services:

If you choose to have your deal handled through our escrow service, we charge a flat fee for that. You make this choice yourself once you have indicated that a domain name has been sold. 

Do you own high-end premium domain names? Then we can personally mediate the sale of these names. Unlike the basic functions of Tappaya.com, this mediation is manual. This is subject to a 15% success fee in case of a successful sale (i.e. no cure no pay). This service is offered selectively and of course we are then happy to sign an order confirmation together. For more information about our personal mediation, please contact us at sander@tappaya.com.

The founders of Tappaya.com

Tappaya.com was founded by Ben Koppenens (LinkedIn) and Sander Scholten (LinkedIn). Both are experienced internet entrepreneurs with a broad experience, in which domain names and e-commerce have been the main focus for over 25 years: Ben started building websites for clients in 1998. Sander rolled out his first web project in 2002. After their studies at TU Delft and RUG, both first gained experience at various employers before entrepreneurship brought them together in 2010. After setting up several companies together (including BusinessForSale.eu), they are now the founders of Tappaya.com.

Ben Koppenens is the technical specialist and responsible for developing the platform. Sander Scholten supervises the personal mediation processes and is responsible for the valuations. He is registered with the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Valuators (NIRV) as a Chartered Valuator.

To contact Ben, please use ben@tappaya.com or + 31 30 7601501. Sander can be reached via the same phone number or his email address sander@tappaya.com.


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